RADIO DAY 2017 October 5th

Radio Day 2017 is going to be here before you know it!  You can help! Have you ever seen one of these amazing fundraising groups and thought “I wish I could do that and raise that much!” well, you can. Start your own fundraiser for RadioDay 2017 and help fund priority equipment in Cape Breton. Below are some great tips to raise money!

1. A great way to give back to RadioDay 2017 is to start your own fundraiser. You can sell lemonade, organize a tournament or even give your birthday money.

2. Having a party this summer? Instead of your guests bringing a bottle of wine or a gift, ask for a donation RadioDay 2017 to fund operation heart. 100% of money raised stays here to strengthen healthcare in Cape Breton.

3. A cool way to avoid those frustrating wedding favors is to give to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation’s Operation Heart, through RadioDay 2017.

4. Having a yard sale? Why not gift the gifts to RadioDay 2017 to help fund Operation Heart, a $1.35 campaign focused on fundraising for important cardiovascular and OR equipment.

5. Get rid of your bottles and cans, they’re stinking up your garage anyway. Take the money all summer long and make it into a RadioDay 2017 gift for Operation Heart at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

In Cape Breton, more than 7,000 people have been diagnosed with heart disease—this is 6% of our population. This year, 11,000 surgeries will happen in our hospital and 580 Cancer-Related surgeries will occur in our operating rooms. Start your own fundraiser for RadioDay 2017 to be a part of excellence in healthcare

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